Hyper and Majnu Break to Janatha Garage entering All Time Top 2

Janatha Garage successfully runned for 3weeks without much competition from films like “Jyo Achyutananda” and “Inkokkadu”. Even the film surviving 3weeks at Box office and entering 80croreclub is a great feat if we observe the initial talk of the film.


But after the new releases like “Majnu” and also as Janatha Garage entered into 4th week, the collections were dropped casually. Even the release of “Hyper” and ” M S Dhoni” tomorrow will give “Janatha Garage” even more competition. So finally “Janatha Garage” may not enter All Time Top 2 list but still the film entering 80crore club itself is a Great feat. It was even the Highest grossing film of 2016 until now. so let’s wait and see if with any miracle, Janatha Garage can enter Top 2 or not ? in a few more days.

Giridhar Bandi

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