A aa ( aaa ) collections Box office Total worldwide until now

A aa ( aaa ) movie collections Box office Total worldwide until now aa aa collections income report Andhra/Telangana Box office overseas collection until now :- A aa ( aaa ) movie is gearing up for release on june 2nd.Aaa movie collections will be updated here at this page.The movies expectations were good until now and this movie can rock at Box office collections if the movie manages to receive good talk.As Trivikram is director of Aaa movie,all are expectations a Trivikram mark movie which will entertain the audience.So,here we update Aaa ( aa aa ) aaa ha ha collections.Aaa Box office Aaa collection aa aa collection aaa movie box office collection collection of aa aa aa box office aa collections till now. Profit of A aa (aaa ) aa aa movie will be displayed below.A aa collections, a aa movie collections,aaa movie collections.

A aa ( aaa ) collections Box office Total worldwide until now



Aaa ( aaa ) collections Box office income report worldwide overseas : –

Andhra/Nizam – 33.7 crores

Rest of India – 4.5 crores(approx)

overseas – 11.9crores

Total – 50.1 crores

Thus, A aa ( aa aa ) collections are too good.The movie collections until now are 50 crores which is a pretty good amount for aa aa movie at Box office.As the movies’ talk was positive,the movie has a long way to go at Box office.


finally, A aa (aaa) collections until now are 50 crores

A aa( aaa) movie profit is 20 crores

A aa ( aaa) total worldwide collection is 50 crores


The collections of A aa have come to an end,Anyway a great feat by A aa movie to score 50crores worldwide because for a medium range hero like Nithin,50crores is huge.Finally,A aa remained as Blockbuster.


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