Regina Cassandra’s Her Short film receiving Good response

Regina Cassandra has recently performed in a short film titled as “Her” which is now receiving a very Good response from the audience.The Short film is all about to respect the celebrity women and see them like a normal person which is presented by Chai Bisket team and it was directed by Phanindra Narsetti.Phanindra Narasetti is coming up with his feature film “Manu” soon and he received the funding for the film from the people.Now,it is also one of the most awaited films.

Regina Cassandra has done a Good job by performing in this short film and giving a Good message to the public.As these days,it was very common to write unnecessary gossips and try to degrade a celebrity which is not at all good and hence that is the main point highlighted in this short film which is why it is receiving a Good response from the audience.At least from now onwards,people should stop writing such kind of gossips.Finally,Thus Regina Cassandra’s short film “Her” given a Good Message to the public and they even applauding the message from this short can watch it below.


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